John M. Brumfield 1825-1855

John M. Brumfield was born circa 1825 and died 1 Feb 1855 in Marion Co., IN

John M. Brumfield
Feb. 1, 1855
30 Years

John M. Brumfield married Cynthia Mundy (1829-1885). They were married 6 Sep 1849 in Marion Co., IN. [View record] They had two children together, William A. Brumfield (1850-1888) and George Francis Brumfield (1853-1925).

John and Cynthia are found in the 1850 US Census in Perry Twp., Marion Co., IN
  Lines 40 and 41

Fowler-Mundy Cemetery


Fowler-Mundy Cemetery is located in Perry Township, Marion County, Indiana about two blocks south of Southport Road at 7212 Wellwood Drive. It is in the center of Southern Dunes subdivision and is fenced. It is under the control of the Perry Township Trustee’s Office.


For decades this cemetery was in a wooded area surrounded by farm land. When the developer began construction of the surrounding subdivision local cemetery enthusiasts ensured it was not destroyed. It was fenced in with an 8 foot tall chain link fence. The gate is currently locked and the key is held at the Perry Township Trustee’s Office. In 2017 the trees and brush were cleared from the cemetery. In 2018 the two dozen or so head and foot stones will be restored by Stone Revival Historical Preservation.


Both Find A Grave and the Marion County Genealogical Society (MCGS) list 20 burials here. However, they are not the same 20 burials. Two on the MCGS web site were in the last half of the 20th Century, 1966 and 1996. Both of these burials (see below) were made at Holy Cross Cemetery. Also, a couple on the MCGS list are duplicate entries. A third listing found at lists only 15 names, all of which appear on Find A Grave or the MCGS listing.

About half of the stones are impossible to read due to biological growth covering the stone. These stones will be properly identified during the preservation project.

This listing is compiled from the three sources mentioned above.

Bell, Susannah 1782-1847
Brumfield, John M. 1825-1855
Bush, Jane 1815-1851
Custer, Elizabeth
Fowler, Asa
Fowler, James
Fowler, Lidia Margaret
Fowler, Robert
Fowler, Sarah (Robinson)
Hinkson, Samuel W.
Miles, James A.
Mundy, Henry Harrison
Mundy, Henry S.
Mundy, Henry W.
Mundy, Larkin
Mundy, Lydia
Mundy, Margaret
Mundy, Nancy W.
Mundy, Nelson H.
Tracy, Mary

In addition, the Marion County Genealogical Society lists the following names, however, both are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Indianapolis according to their death certificates:
Barton, Mary b. 1911 d. 1996 [Find A Grave Memorial]
Graves, James b. 1869 d. 1966 [Find A Grave Memorial]

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