1940’s Dodgers Needs

1940 Play Ball 

63 Pete Cascarart Brooklyn Dodgers
67 Whit Wyatt Brooklyn Dodgers
68 Dolph Camilli Brooklyn Dodgers
69 Cookie Lavagetto Brooklyn Dodgers
70 Luke Hamlin Brooklyn Dodgers
71 Mel Almada Brooklyn Dodgers
72 Chuck Dressen RC Brooklyn Dodgers
118 Waite Hoyt Brooklyn Dodgers
144 Joe Vosmik Brooklyn Dodgers
145 Vito Tamulis Brooklyn Dodgers
146 Tot Pressnell Brooklyn Dodgers
147 Johnny Hudson Brooklyn Dodgers
148 Hugh Casey Brooklyn Dodgers
207 Gus Mancuso Brooklyn Dodgers

Personal Collection

Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers
I am trying to obtain as many different Dodgers franchise cards as I can. There are currently about 117,000 unique cards for the Los Angeles and Brooklyn Dodgers and the names used prior to Dodgers, the Brooklyn Grooms, Brooklyn Superbas and Brooklyn Robins.

Currently building team sets from 1948-1959 Topps and Bowman.

I am also seeking One Million Dodgers cards. Any card, any year, any condition. Have other teams available for bulk trades.

Super collecting Carl Erskine and Orel Hershiser.

Hall of Fame 
I collect cards of Hall of Fame inductees. I collect their main cards from the main sets from the years they played. Not interested in a lot of 80s/90s junk in this collection but will include some base.

Those inducted as Managers will have only their Manager cards included.

Indianapolis Indians
Collecting all cards of Indianapolis Indians players.

Also collecting other Indiana teams. Indianapolis Clowns, Indianapolis Hoosiers, etc.

Pre-War and other Vintage 
Collecting anything pre-1980. Currently buying T206 and Colgan’s Chips cards of Indianapolis Indians and looking for Brooklyn Superbas era cards.

I am starting to collect Exhibit Baseball post cards.

Complete Sets 
Currently building:
1951 Topps Red and Blue Backs
1955 Bowman
1968 Topps Game
1972 Topps
1976 Topps
2018 Topps Series 1
2018 Gypsy Queen
2018 Opening Day
2018 Bowman
2018 Bowman Prospects
2018 Bowman Chrome Prospects

1990 Bowman
1990 Fleer
1991 Donruss
2018 Donruss with SP Variations

I collect through the mail, in person and occasionally pull an auto from a pack.

Game Used and Serial Numbered 
I don’t seek out game used or serial numbered cards, but when they come into my possession I generally hold onto them.

Odd ball cards, particularly those associated with food products or various non-baseball related name brands.

Collecting Scott Earl cards. He has a 1985 Donruss card #491 and several minor league cards. Scott is from my hometown and is a family friend.

I also like to collect historic artifacts, autographs and photos that have nothing to do with sports. I have a Schuyler Colfax signature among that colletion. Colfax was the 25th Speaker of the House of Representatives and Vice President of the United States under President Ulysses S. Grant.

Hall of Fame Collection

I collect cards of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am attempting to collect one card from each main set from the years they played. I am not collecting All Star, League Leaders, Record Breaker, cards, etc. Only their main card from each set from their career.

Currently working on:

Jack Morris Inducted 2018

Tony Perez Inducted 2000

Indianapolis Indians

According to the Trading Card Database there are 2,048 Indianapolis Indians baseball cards through the 2017 season. Of those, 25 are early 20th Century between 1909 and 1912. The remaining are from 1976 to 2017. I am going to collect all of them. I have found one card from a team set not in the database. I’m sure there are others.

Current total: 241 of 2,049

Pre-War Era
1909-11 T206 Jimmy Burke

1909-11 T206 Charley Carr


Team sets
1988 ProCards (Randy Johnson)
1989 ProCards (Larry Walker)
1991 ProCards
1994 ProCards
2000 Blueline
2003 Choice
2004 Choice (Missing #2, #3, #9)
2005 Choice

TTM Autographs

In the 1980s I collected autographs through the mail (TTM). Lost most of them in a flood in 2008. Recently began collecting again. This is a list of the TTM Autos I receive.

  1. Carl Erskine on 1991 Topps Archives 1953 #308 Received 5/17/2018
  2. Carl Erskine on 1987 Hygrade All Time Greats #NNO Received 5/17/2018
  3. Carl Erskine on back of envelope with personal message. Received 5/17/2018
  4. Pat Neshek on 2018 Topps Heritage #200. Received 5/26/2018
  5. Blake Snell on 2017 Topps Heritage #601. Received 5/26/2018

2017 Dodgers Needs

2017 Topps 
5b Corey Seager SP VAR
50 Clayton Kershaw
50b Clayton Kershaw SP VAR
107 Howie Kendrick
134 Chase Utley
142 Carlos Ruiz
251 Justin Turner
325 Chris Hatcher
329 Josh Reddick
337 Scott Van Slyke
375 Yasiel Puig
388 Yasmani Grandal
402 Logan Forsythe
413 Rob Segedin
423 Sergio Romo
447 Scott Kazmir
454 Andrew Toles
462 Rich Hill
490 Joc Pederson
574 Trayce Thompson
582 Julio Urias
582b Julio Urias SP VAR
597 Kenta Maeda
597b Sandy Koufax SP VAR
597c Kenta Maeda SP VAR
608 Dodgers Team Card
618 Kenley Jansen
985 Enrique Hernandez

2017 Update 
US38 Cody Bellinger
US38b Cody Bellinger SP VAR
US50 Cody Bellinger
US50b Cody Bellinger SP VAR
US50c Cody Bellinger SSP VAR
110 Corey Seager
110b Corey Seager SP VAR
156 Yu Darvish
214 Cody Bellinger
223b Clayton Kershaw SP VAR
298 Brett Eibner
300 Cody Bellinger

2017 Opening Day
4 Justin Turner
50 Clayton Kershaw
50b Clayton Kershaw SP VAR
53 Chase Utley
146 Corey Seager
160 Adrian Gonzalez
186 Julio Urias
193 Kenley Jansen

2017 Gypsy Queen 

2017 Bowman 

2017 Heritage 

2017 Donruss 

2017 Diamond Kings 


1950’s Dodgers Needs

1950’s Dodgers Want List

16 Joe Pignatano
20 Duke Snider
43 Steve Bilko
53 Stan Williams
71 Don Bessent
107 Norm Larker
125 Ron Fairly
152 Johnny Klipstein
163 Sandy Koufax
206 Carl Furillo
244 Dick Gray
258 Fred Kipp
262 Podres/Labine/Drysdale
270 Gil Hodges
287 Don Zimmer
306 Jim Gilliam
321 Bob Giallombardo VAR without optioned statement
387 Don Drysdale
508 Art Fowler
522 Gene Snyder
550 Roy Campanella

1958 Topps 


2018 Dodgers Needs

2018 Dodgers Needs

Topps Series 1

SP Variations
42 Cody Bellinger SP VAR
89 Yasiel Puig SP VAR
350 Clayton Kershaw SP VAR

SSP Variations
42 Cody Bellinger SSP VAR
350 Clayton Kershaw SSP VAR

Gypsy Queen
200 Cody Bellinger

SP Variations
125b Corey Seager SP VAR
125c Corey Seager SP VAR
156b Yasiel Puig SP VAR
165b Justin Turner SP VAR
200b Cody Bellinger SP VAR

64 Clayton Kershaw

Bowman Prospects
BP20 Wil Smith
BP22 Yadier Alvarez
BP36 Dennis Santana
BP47 Ibandel Isabel
BP79 Keibert Ruiz

Bowman Chrome Prospects
BP19 Johan Mieses
BP22 Yadier Alvarez
BP23 Jeren Kendall
BP31 D. J. Peters
BP36 Dennis Santana
BP79 Keibert Ruiz
BP103 Mitchell White

Diamond Kings
23b Pee Wee Reese SP VAR
28 Jackie Robinson
28b Jackie Robinson SP VAR
71 Corey Seager
82 Cody Bellinger
82b Cody Bellinger SP VAR
108 Walker Buehler SP
108b Walker Buehler SP VAR
109 Alex Verdugo SP
110 Kyle Farmer SP

45 Alex Verdugo
129 Alex Wood
243b Cody Bellinger SP VAR

45b Corey Seager SP VAR
118b Cody Bellinger SP VAR
161b Yu Darvish SP VAR
216b Clayton Kershaw
295 Corey Seager

Short Prints
424 Kenley Jansen
433 Hyun-Jin Ryu
469 Julio Urias
470 Yasmani Grandal
490 Adrian Gonzalez

Opening Day 
1b Clayton Kershaw SP VAR


Pre-War Card Collecting

I have been wanting to get into early 20th Century cards. I just didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t want to just buy an old card to say I had one. I wanted to find some sort of connection between the players and myself, something of interest. I know of no baseball players in my family tree, and I have researched my family tree extensively. Having none in my family I decided to start with players from my hometown and county.

I grew up in a small farming community in south-eastern Indiana. Several players are known to have come from Jennings County. Those early 20th Century players I have discovered so far were all from Hayden, once a bustling community now a small town along US Highway 50, between the “big cities” of North Vernon and Seymour.

I have identified the following players so far:
Mike Simon has 11 known cards
Ray Ryan
Howard Daringer
Cliff Daringer has 1 known card
Rolla Daringer
Walter More
Forrest More
George More
Arnold Marshall

Not all of these players had cards issued, some had only one. I want to collect the cards that I can and any other memorabilia related to these players such as team or other photos and signatures. I recently purchased a cancelled check written in 1969 and signed by Cliff Daringer. I am waiting on it to be delivered. And I am currently watching an eBay auction for a 1914 Cracker Jack card of Mike Simon.

At some point I will expand what I am collecting to any player from Indiana, but for now I will keep it within Jennings County. I will also start adding early Dodgers as part of my One Million Dodgers cards project, but for now I want a different focus.

I use the pre-1939 definition of what constitutes a pre-war card.

Autograph Collection

I collected autographs as a kid. I loved meeting the players if only for a few seconds while they signed. I also requested autographs through the mail in the mid-1980’s. Spent a day at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL in the early 80’s and got several autographs including Sandy Koufax.

I have very few autographs left from childhood. None of them are worth anything, but I don’t collect them to make money. I collect them to collect them.

I only collect through the mail or in person of modern players. I will buy autos of retired and deceased players. I am not interested in the modern fad of finding “certified” autos in packs of cards. The only exception to this is Dodgers autos towards the goal of having one copy of every Dodgers card.

  1. Joe DiMaggio on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  2. Carl Erskine on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  3. Hank Aaron on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  4. Tony Oliva on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  5. Whitey Ford on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  6. Minnie Minosa on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  7. Jim Piersall on a sheet of paper. In person. 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  8. Enos Slaughter on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  9. Bill “Moose” Skowron on a sheet of paper. In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  10. Enos Slaughter on a baseball, In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  11. Bill “Moose” Skowron on a baseball, In person, 1984, Indianapolis, IN.
  12. Carl Erskine on a baseball. In person, 1984, Anderson, IN.
  13. Scott Earl on a baseball. In person, 1985, North Vernon, IN.
  14. Carl Erskine on 1987 HyGrade #NNO. Through the mail, 2018.
  15. Carl Erskine on 1991 1953 Topps Archives #308. Through the mail, 2018.
  16. Carl Erskine, with personal note on back of envelope. Through the mail, 2018.
  17. Cliff Darringer (Early 20th Century player) on cancelled check from 1969. .Obtained 2018.
  18. Pat Neshek on 2018 Topps Heritage #200. Obtained through the mail.
  19. Joel Guzman (Dodgers) on 2004 Bowman #BDP139 SN 34/53.
  20. Blake Snell on 2017 Topps Heritage #601. Obtained through the mail.
  21. Eric Karros (Dodgers) on 1993 Stadium Club #8. Purchased on ebay, 2018.
  22. Shea Spitzbarth (Dodgers) on 2018 Bowman Certified Auto #PA-SS
  23. Alex Verdugo (Dodgers) on 2018 Gypsy Queen Certified Auto #GQA-AV
  24. Andrew Toles (Dodgers) on 2018 Gypsy Queen Certified Auto #GQA-AT
  25. Andrew Toles (Dodgers) on 2018 Gypsy Queen Indigo Certified Auto #GQA-AT
  26. Doug Rau on 1977 Topps #421 Obtained through the mail.
  27. Doug Rau on 1978 Topps #641 Obtained through the mail.
  28. Doug Rau on 1980 Topps #527 Obtained through the mail.
  29. Doug Rau on 1978 Dodgers ticket stub from game he pitched and won.
  30. Pat Neshek on 2018 Topps Heritage #200. Obtained through the mail.
  31. Pat Neshek on 2014 Topps Update #US192. Obtained through the mail.

The following are on the sheet of paper mentioned above. I obtained these signatures outside the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis in 1984 after an All Time All Star game held there.
Joe DiMaggio
Carl Erskine
Hank Aaron
Tony Oliva
Whitey Ford
Minnie Minoso
Jim Piersall
Bill “Moose” Skowron
Enos Slaughter