Pre-War Card Collecting

I have been wanting to get into early 20th Century cards. I just didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t want to just buy an old card to say I had one. I wanted to find some sort of connection between the players and myself, something of interest. I know of no baseball players in my family tree, and I have researched my family tree extensively. Having none in my family I decided to start with players from my hometown and county.

I grew up in a small farming community in south-eastern Indiana. Several players are known to have come from Jennings County. Those early 20th Century players I have discovered so far were all from Hayden, once a bustling community now a small town along US Highway 50, between the “big cities” of North Vernon and Seymour.

I have identified the following players so far:
Mike Simon has 11 known cards
Ray Ryan
Howard Daringer
Cliff Daringer has 1 known card
Rolla Daringer
Walter More
Forrest More
George More
Arnold Marshall

Not all of these players had cards issued, some had only one. I want to collect the cards that I can and any other memorabilia related to these players such as team or other photos and signatures. I recently purchased a cancelled check written in 1969 and signed by Cliff Daringer. I am waiting on it to be delivered. And I am currently watching an eBay auction for a 1914 Cracker Jack card of Mike Simon.

At some point I will expand what I am collecting to any player from Indiana, but for now I will keep it within Jennings County. I will also start adding early Dodgers as part of my One Million Dodgers cards project, but for now I want a different focus.

I use the pre-1939 definition of what constitutes a pre-war card.