One Million Dodgers Cards

Recently I came across the One Million Cubs Cards Project on Twitter and I have decided to attempt to collect one million Dodgers cards. I will collect cards from the Brooklyn and Los Angeles eras including previous names used in Brooklyn: Superbas, Grooms, Robins… I will also include cards of minor league players in the Dodgers organization.

Along with chasing 1,000,000 total cards I want to collect as many unique Dodgers cards as I can. There are 116,981 (as of 5/5/2018) unique cards counting all franchise names.

On Twitter at @SouthIndyCards

I am keeping track of this collection on the Trading Card Data Base. Click on Collection from my profile page to see what is included so far.

Last update: 5/19/2018

Current total: 5,462
Total Unique: 2184 of 116,981 total cards. Includes Los Angeles and Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Grooms, Brooklyn Robins and Brooklyn Superbas. (About 1800 cards are still being entered into the data base.)

Oldest card(s): 1953 Bowman #12 Carl Erskine

Favorite card: 1959 Topps Carl Erskine #217

I am seeking bulk team and individual card trades. I have cards ranging from the 1980’s through 2018 to trade.

Dodgers cards added

4/11/2018 Start of project

Added in April 2018: 3346

Added in May 2018: 1,895

Total added: 4,864

1000 Dodgers cards 4/18/2018
5000 Dodgers cards 5/16/2018
10,000 Dodgers cards