Inaccuracies and Find A Grave

Find A Grave could be such an amazing tool for researchers, but the fact that millions of people make entries with absolutely no oversight makes it mostly a waste of time.

I find numerous errors on the site. Memorials posted to the wrong cemetery, incorrect information, etc. Most of the time you can get this corrected, but not always.

Then there is the issue of people just adding someone to a cemetery with nothing to support the claim they are actually buried there.

Case in point, Eliza A. Cox is listed as buried in Methodist Chapel Cemetery in Beech Grove, Indiana. There isn’t a headstone for her, or for anyone with that surname in the cemetery. The church originally associated with the cemetery ceased to exist in 1880 so it is unlikely that original records exist. So someone apparently decided that she is buried there. If there is some other record of this burial it should be shared on the memorial.

I find too many people on Find A Grave are more concerned with how many memorials they create, maintain or add pictures to instead of being concerned with accuracy.

So, use Find A Grave as only a hint. It can not be considered a quality source.