America the Insane

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

America has gone insane! Election after election we shift power back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. Nothing changes for the better because the Left and the Right are the two wings of the same Vulture. It is Us versus Them. We are arguing over which wing is worse while the bird is picking at our carcass.

Too many people are blinded by their hatred of the other side. One side claims the other wants a civil war. The other side claims everyone who disagrees with them is racist…or misogynist…or whatever “ist” is trendy that day. Both sides are wrong and neither side cares.

STOP IT YOU FOOLS!!! This country and its people have done more good for the world in its short history than any other country in the history of the world. And you fools want to destroy it. All because you are full of hate for someone who thinks differently. What happened to Live and Let Live? Why are both sides so afraid of the views of the other?

I’m sick of it. Get over yourselves. You have no regard for liberty. You want it your way or the highway and you claim it is the other side making that demand. You sound like spoiled children not getting their way.

America only works when we work together. Hurricane Harvey in Texas proves that. People helping people regardless of skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, heritage… That is America, the country I saw donate privately and through our government billions upon billions of dollars in 2004 after a horrific tsunami ravaged the nations around the Indian Ocean. I’ve personally experienced it after my home was hit by a 500 year flood and I lost nearly everything I owned. Why does it take a natural disaster or an act of terror killing 3000 people for us to get along???

Everyday Americans want to do what is right. The Parties, national media and their apologists are playing a hideous game of divide and conquer. And we’re falling for it.

Fake News indeed! And both sides are guilty. We should have listened to George Washington when he warned us against political parties. But we ignore our own history and doom ourselves to repeat it.

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